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Coutot-Roehrig is the largest probate research company in Europe

Coutot-Roehrig is the largest probate research company in Europe specialized in the identification and location of rightful heirs worldwide since 1894.

As probate researchers, we are legally appointed to proceed with the settlement of estates. Our task is to identify and locate heirs, and establish their entitlement all along the probate process.

With more than 120 years old experience and our strong network, we have built an empire of 46 branch offices all around the world. We work with the best professionals and experts in legal probate and research departments. They have access to our unique database of digitized archives covering more than 1 billion data.

We deal on a yearly basis with more than 5000 estates settled in France and abroad.

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How an estate is settled in France

Step 1

Beginning of the probate process

Under French law, the notaire is in charge of the estate settlement. The notaire is appointed by the Minister of Justice and entrusted by the State with mission of public service.

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Step 2

Mandate in favour of the probate researcher

The notaire may refer to our company in order to identify and locate the heirs of the deceased pursuant to Article 36 of the law 2006-728 of June 23, 2006.

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Step 3

Searching for and legally representing heirs

Our company will make exhaustive searches that can take time to be completed. International cases can make an impact on the processing time of the file. At times, duration remains unpredictable.

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Step 4

Establishing evidence of heir’s legal entitlement to the inheritance

Once we have collected the required paperwork, we can transfer to the notaire in charge of the settlement who will draw up the deed of notoriety.
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Step 5

Settlement process of the estate

The French notaire acts in the best interest of the heirs dealing with the administrative part of the estate and paying any bills due.

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Step 6

Submission of the declaration of inheritance

The submission of the declaration of inheritance lists all the elements of the estate. It is compulsory and sent to the tax authorities to get the amount of the inheritance taxes due to the French State.

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Step 7

Potential property sale

For any real estate to be distributed, we get estimates from experts in order to sell to the best value for the heirs, and upon their agreement.
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Step 8

Distributing the shares

The heir receives a net share once inheritance taxes and our fees are taken out.

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